Blogger reading list not updating

Let's take a look at how you can do this along with troubleshooting reading list problems.If you quit Safari instantly, the page might not be saved at all (even though you should see it in the Reading List).I have tried the "other devices" button but reading list is not there.I have tried switching to desktop site and back again to no avail.The use of "responsive" layout sites to enable the feature means that I can't force it on all sites I want to store temporarily. I did try to post an answer earlier but somehow I deleted it AND pressed the wrong helpful button too. Read this answer in context Firefox 48 has "overloaded" the bookmark icon so that in regular view it saves a bookmark, and in reader view, it adds the page to your reading list.So you first need to open the page in reader view by tapping the book icon in the address bar, and THEN go to the menu and tap the star icon.

Using the Follow Button Following A Blogspot Blog Without A Follow Button Community Q&A Blogspot is one of the most popular blogging platforms online, so there's a good chance that you want to follow a few of them.

My theory (not original) is that “leaders read and readers lead.” By the way, these are all stored in a Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar in a subfolder called “Daily.” When I am ready to plow through my daily reading, I click on the list and select “Open in Tabs.” Each URL is then opened in a separate tab. If an article looks like it will take longer, I save it in Evernote in a notebook called, “Read Later.” When I finish my web list, I go to my list of RSS feeds.

I spend no more than 30 minutes on this reading list. I am currently using Reeder, which syncs with Google reader. I can access it any where: on my Mac or my i Phone.

(It is also available for i Pad.) Also, the developer just recently added Evernote integration. (If you are not using Buffer for Twitter, you must!

) As of today, I track about 235 feeds, but here are some of the more interesting ones: (Please forgive me if I overlooked your blog.

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