Bob harper dating jillian michaels

"The Biggest Loser" coach Jillian Michaels held nothing back in an interview with Women's Health magazine for their May issue.

Amidst chatter about Michaels' career plans, the television personality revealed more intimate details about her dating life as well.

Season 16 of marks the third time Jillian Michaels opted out of training new contestants, but Harper is confident the series will continue to flourish even without her tough love techniques.

Michaels and her partner, Heidi Rhoades, are the parents of daughter Lukensia and son Phoenix.Warm-up: 5 minutes (cardio & stretch) Workout: 40.5 minutes (cardio) Level One Cardio: 20.5 minutes Level Two Cardio: 10 minutes Level Three Cardio: 10 minutes Cool-down: 6 minutes (yoga) Total Workout Time: 51.5 minutes Youve seen the amazing weight loss achieved on NBCs hit show.Now you can join The Biggest Loser trainers, Bob, Kim and Jillian, for a cardio workout that delivers their famous fat-burning results.It's going to be a wild ride," said Harper, who may have the chance to work with former New York Jets offensive lineman Damien Woody and three-time Olympic softball gold medalist Lori Harrigan-Mack in his new role.(Harper will work out the eliminated players one-on-one starting immediately after their elimination.) PHOTOS: Olympic athletes — where are they now?

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