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She was going to be quiet but funny, polite, sweet, strong, independent. When she was born and diagnosed as having Down Syndrome, that life came crashing down. Now I'm free, and no longer have preconceived notions of who she must be.

That loss seemed to me, the hardest loss of my life. I did get a few things right, she's beautiful, perfect, and funny. It's a mystery and I believe this will allow her to shine.

When I told my husband, he gave me the biggest hug I had ever had. The moment I saw "pregnant" on the test is the moment everything changed and it's also the same moment I began picturing my child. What she would be when she grew up, how I would raise him.

If I wanted a boy or a girl and if I'd be a better mom raising a specific sex.

We also have specialized nursing staff trained to work with those who have disabilities.

I had what I like to call a "surprise diagnosis", meaning I didn't know Felicity had Down Syndrome until she was born.

We commonly see patients in the gynecology clinic for adolescents and women with disabilities with a wide range of underlying diagnoses, including but not limited to: In addition to comprehensive diagnostics and the latest therapeutic services for conditions affecting women and girls with disabilities, we also offer routine gynecologic examination and Pap smear consultation.

Patients benefit from access to our social worker/certified sex therapist and may receive counseling and resources regarding sexual education and sexual assault prevention.

To help you, we've created a member kit to help you learn how to use your health plan.What’s more, children’s risk related to accessing the internet was highlighted.According to the Vietnamese survey, all of the interviewed students brought their cell phones to school.We’ll process your claims on time, explain the claims process and answer your questions clearly and accurately.Unity is proud to provide you access to world-class doctors and services of UW Health.

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