Dating patient

The patient needs to tell the doctor where they are not feeling right and the doctor needs to convey to the patient all the pertinent information to improve their health With single doctors, it is not that uncommon for the relationship to take a turn towards the romantic.In fact, the doctor dating patient ritual has been going on for many centuries which all begin when the patient and doctor start developing feelings that goes well beyond health concerns.Social networks, blogs, and other forms of communication online also create new challenges to the patient-physician relationship.Physicians should weigh a number of considerations when maintaining a presence online: (a) Physicians should be cognizant of standards of patient privacy and confidentiality that must be maintained in all environments, including online, and must refrain from posting identifiable patient information online.

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(d) To maintain appropriate professional boundaries physicians should consider separating personal and professional content online.

This is the only profession of which a member can ask a person to take their clothes off and find the request usually met with few questions and no resistance." In an earlier interview with GP magazine Pulse, he said: "A proper emotional and sexual relationship is a partnership of equals, both parties enjoying the same rights, privileges and limitations.

"Any other basis for a relationship is flawed and needs to be criticised and resisted most vehemently.

The Internet has created the ability for medical students and physicians to communicate and share information quickly and to reach millions of people easily.

Participating in social networking and other similar Internet opportunities can support physicians’ personal expression, enable individual physicians to have a professional presence online, foster collegiality and camaraderie within the profession, provide opportunity to widely disseminate public health messages and other health communication.

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