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A surprising part about this leak was that it was planned out to the T from C broadcast station for the purpose of noise marketing.

However, the show in question is over and the virtual marriage program that was the point of the marketing is hitting rock bottom in viewer ratings. There are over 200 girl groups registered with the Singer’s Association, making that over 1,000 individual girl group members.

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EXO’S SEHUN & 4MINUTE’S HYUNA DATING RUMOURSThere are rumours going around of Sehun and Hyuna dating. Articles posted on PANN were pointing out the “interactions” both Sehun and Hyuna have been having. Sehun liked a picture of Hyuna’s Valentines Day chocolates that she uploaded on Instagram.

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But, although it sounded good in theory, I wasn’t very hostile by temperament and I had trouble channeling my fictitious outrage into convincing practice.

I may have failed as a homophobe, but unfortunately, many people succeed.

The similar hats “evidence” is kind of flawed since beanies are popular and it’s not the exact same pattern/symbol. The Sehun-watching-Hyuna thing, the picture looks bad. If it’s the backstage of a concert, then maybe he’s watching because he’s bored.

It’s a hand, sure, but they would just be really popular beanies. It’s not like those are a popular brand or anything… Apparently, there were rumours he was dating Lee Hi, Red Velvet’s Irene and others?

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