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Think about some places, where you think you might come across to women of your age.Women who are interested in over 40 dating may be found in discos (obviously, if you still dare to dance), pubs, sports bar, gyms, churches, malls etc. If you really need a woman in your life you need to go where they are.Because of this lack of thought, Because I didn’t have a partner to share my life with, I didn’t have any little ninja or princesses raise. I was alone because I was too busy trying to write the Great American Novel.Great American Novelists rarely have children, and if they do, it’s with a young French nanny that they were having an affair with. When you have no social life you will have a very small to non-existent circle of friends.Regardless of which category you fit into, this dating advice can be applied to your situation.1. No matter how much you want to meet someone or several someones, you aren’t going to meet them sitting home thinking about it.

You are more likely to know what you are looking for.

When I turned invisible, it took a lot longer, but it was just as painful. The hero sees this desolation, and he knows that things must change, but he does not take action. He remains invisible.♦◊♦It took our good Dr Griffin quite some time to discover the exact formula for invisibility, but you and I can recreate it any time that we want. Even though each of us can become invisible, each of us has a unique path to transparency. Take a look at your life and see if any of these elements are in your life at this time. As Lennon said, life kept on going while I was making plans, hatching schemes and building dreams.

As men over 40, there comes a time in our life when we begin to feel this invisibility overcome us. In the beginning of the Hero’s Journey, we have the wasteland. The awkwardness of my teens and the partying of my twenties had led to the sowing wild oats of my thirties.

You need to play the ball game for some time to sieve out your perfect match from the lot.

Do not show your desperation and try to grab the first fish that comes to your net.

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