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we’re one step closer to getting on her wavelength.

Last summer, Blanchard posted an essay she’d written on intersectionality and feminism to her Tumblr page, Xo Xo Rowan., made for devoted fans of Cory and Topanga, plus the modern preteen demographic, has been a Disney Channel series since the summer of 2014.But the show’s main star, Rowan Blanchard, revealed something new: She is queer, a dark, yet humorous set of personal essays, based off of her acclaimed Twitter account @sosadtoday.Mental illness, childhood trauma, love, sex, and addiction, “all join hands and dance in a circle, to the tune of Melissa’s unmatched wit and dementedly perfect take on this terrifying orb we call home,” as writes that Hal Vaughn, “makes his freshest contribution, using a wealth of materials gleaned from wartime police files and intelligence archives, some of which were only recently declassified by French and German authorities, to flesh out precisely how and why she became an agent, and how she sought to profit from her German connections during the war.” Didion’s first book of nonfiction writing, she delves into the contemporary world of the late 1960s, “and though her own personality does not self-indulgently intrude itself on her subjects, it informs and illuminates them,” reads the 1968 An intimate and illustrated look into the last 10 years of artist, Frida Kahlo’s life.

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