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However, for celebrities the rating system has been deactivated (you can still comment on them), because this is not the place to rate celebrities; this is the one place to rate wrestlers. Rare case where a NJ Undercard match gets too much time, as opposed to not enough. "You know guys, it feels great to be back in this ring, in the WWF. And it even feels greater tonight to be out here in front of you WWF fans, right here tonight, I mean, we've been through everything together.] "I thought this match was a ton of fun. Crowd seems tired, like they're hungover from Last night. And why not get involved in our campaign forum, and share your own experiences with other single parents....What is there to tell you about wrestlers that you do not already know? Absolutely great when Lee & Takahashi were in together. No backyarders allowed, so please do not contact us about your buddy just because he can do a really cool pile driver. Thought overall there was solid chemistry and there were some great sequences. Non-wrestlers, like referees, commentators or promoters are included as well as a few celebrities who have stepped into the ring themselves. Really just feels like people are trying to hate on Cody at this point, they've made up their mind before they've even seen him ***3/4"] "My Notes: Opener: **1/2.

Great Show."] "Great match, Jericho has finally (and suddenly) perfected his heel act and has become one of the most entertaining guys on the roster after a pretty poor showing in '96 and '97.

We're going to the places we know single parents need to be, to give them a boost and tell them to get involved in Gingerbread.

Read our campaign press release here, and get involved!

Ive met face to face with his wife' and I know she knows about me.

Idk what to do I love him but this lonely situation is beginning to take a toll on me! That's why you really shouldn't get involved with a married man.

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