Teen dating abuse awareness week Mature smile webcam

According to statistics, one out of three teens is in an abusive dating relationship, yet more than 80% of parents are unaware that their children are involved in such a situation.During the program, parents will learn how to recognize the warning signs of dating abuse and how to talk to children about developing healthy relationships.

The event is free and open to the public, with the main intent to inform both teens and parents of the dangers of dating abuse.Did you know that one in five teens In a serious relationship report having been hit slapped or pushed by a partner?Did you know that 29 percent of girls in a relationship report having been pressured to have sex or engage in sex they did not want?The crime of teen dating violence, including physical, emotional and sexual assault, and harassment via texting, email or Instant Messaging is a cruel reality for many American teenagers - a reality which many parents are unaware.Listed below is a recent survey conducted by LIx Clairborne, Inc in June 2008 on teen dating violence.

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