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They did a British music hall tour from February 1947 and played a number of venues before returning to the USA in January 1948. Don was a fantastic musician and had played with many leading bands and backed many famous stars.

This is a gun with multiple claims to fame: The gun is occasionally looked upon poorly by military users and firearm enthusiasts due to being heavier and having a noticeably fatter grip than a 1911, generally poor performance in dirty conditions, and a perceived lack of stopping power, especially by critics used to the more powerful .45 ACP load from the M1911.I never seen her laugh that hard in my 30 years on Earth.Thank you for the memories and thank you for doing what you do.It's generally considered the best example of why ceremonial pistols Most European armies have historically regarded pistols as a status symbol for officers that would (maybe) only be fired to execute a deserter.Such pistols were generally small weapons chambered in something like .25 or .32, and generally didn't like dirt, but they looked cool.

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