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The sound of my wife, Jane, talking in a soft whisper woke me from a deep sleep. "Too bad it'll be gone when he gets back." There was a moment of silence as I closed the door, during which I figured her sister made some smartass response. Being awaked by my wife and her sister chatting about my sister-in-law's night out wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind, but I was willing to improvise.

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That didn't look like it was going to happen anytime soon, though. " I couldn't help but notice that Steph was still obviously wearing the tiny black cocktail dress she'd probably worn all night, and the way she leaned into the phone to show off the love bite, combined with the low cut of the dress, inadvertently gave me a great view of her abundant cleavage.

"So, anyway, we were kissing like crazy just outside the restroom of this bar, and, I swear to god, he latches onto my neck like a vampire, just sucking like crazy. As she pulled the phone away, I also caught a glimpse of the lace tops of thigh-high stockings where the hem of her dress rode up. That was certainly more than I'd expected from her early morning debriefing.

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